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Ed Hardy Tanning
Tanning Products for today's tanner.

At Ed Hardy Tanning, we have a wide variety of Indoor Tanning Lotions and Skin Care Product Lines to choose from. When you tan with Ed Hardy you can rest assured you will get that golden glow you have been looking for.

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Oh Pale No! Cocout Kisses
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Ice Ice Baby Poolside Prosecco
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Santorini Summer
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Ink Body Wash Ink Moisturizer Ed Hardy Sunless
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Poolside Prosecco
Tan Enhancer / DHA-Free Bronzer
Ice Ice Baby
Tan Enhancer / DHA Bronzer / Coolant
Santorini Summer
Tan Enhancer
Coconut Kisses Black Label
Tan Enhancer
Oh Pale No!
Tan Enhancer
Tan Enhancer
Luxury lover
Tan Enhancer / DHA Bronzer
Coming in Hot
Tan Enhancer / DHA Bronzer / Tingle
Sun Day Fun Day
Tan Enhancer
Bali Beach
Tan Enhancer / DHA Bronzer
Tan Enhancer
Body Shots Doubleshot
Tan Enhancer / Bronzer / Tingle
Rule Breaker
Tan Enhancer / Bronzer
Upgrade to Black
Tan Enhancer / Bronzer
Coconut Kisses
Tan Enhancer
Black Elixir
Tan Enhancer / Bronzer
Sorry, Not Sorry
Tan Enhancer / Bronzer
The IT List
Tan Enhancer
Die Hard Black
Tan Enhancer / Bronzer
Down Right Dark
Tan Enhancer / Bronzer
Baby Got Black
Tan Enhancer / Bronzer
Butter Me Brown
Tan Enhancer / DHA-Free Bronzer
Peace & Harmony
Tan Enhancer
Tan Enhancer / Bronzer / Tingle
Hollywood Bronze
Tan Enhancer / DHA-Free Bronzer / Firming
Bahama Bronzer
Tan Enhancer / Bronzer
Caribbean Cool
Tan Enhancer / DHA Free Bronzer
Black Reserve
Tan Enhancer / Bronzer
Dramatically Dark
Tan Enhancer
Tahitian Bronze
Tan Enhancer / DHA-Free Bronzer
INK Body Wash
Body Wash
INK Moisturizer
Moisturizer / Tan Extender
Self-Tanning Spray / Bronzer
Sun Shield Stick
Spray Oil
Tan Enhancer

UV Exposure Information
Tanning Products for today's tanner.

Risks associated with excessive exposure to UV radiation can result in detrimental health effects, including possible burns and even skin cancer. Do not stay too long in the sun, even while using a sunscreen product. Keep babies and young children out of direct sunlight. Over-exposure to the sun is a serious health risk.

The SPF number on a sunscreen product shows its rated effectiveness. For example, a product with SPF 6-14 provides low protection, 15-29 provides moderate protection, 30-49 provides high protection, and 50+ provides very high protection against UV radiation.

Consumers should know their own skin type to make wise decisions about which SPF product suits their needs. A good guide to follow would be The Fitzpatrick Skin-Type Chart. This chart is available online at the following link:


Apply the sunscreen product before exposure. Frequent re-application of sunscreen products is crucial. Reapply sunscreen frequently to maintain protection, especially after perspiring, swimming, or toweling. Moreover, in order to reach the protection level indicated by the sun protection factor, sunscreen products have to be applied in quantities similar to the ones used for testing, i.e. 2 mg/cm2, which equals 6 teaspoons of lotion for the body of one average adult person. Applying a smaller quantity of sunscreen product leads to a disproportionate reduction in protection. If the quantity applied is reduced by half, protection may fall by as much as two-thirds.

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Ed Hardy Tanning Distributors

U.S. Distributors

Four Seasons Logo
Four Seasons

(800) 325-2796
Paris, TN


New Image Solutions

(844) 239-2629
Chatsworth, CA


URI Ultraviolet Resources Logo
URI Ultraviolet Resources

(800) 989-8267
Sauk Rapids, MN


Heartland Tanning Logo
Heartland Tanning

(800) 554-8268
Lee's Summit, MO


URI Ultraviolet Resources Logo
URI Ultraviolet Resources

(800) 247-3251
Westlake, OH


No Logo
Sunburst Tanning Supply
(239) 353-1682
Tan-U International Logo
Tan-U International

(800) 678-2492
Cedarburg, WI


Sunbed Supply Logo
Sunbed Supply

(801) 293-8383
Salt Lake City, UT


Tan International Logo
Tan International
(800) 727-8266
Phoenix, AZ
Future Industries Logo
Future Industries

(800) 346-3136
Milford, CT


No Logo
Silver Image
(800) 992-8266
Chicago, IL
Ryco Tan Supply Logo
Ryco Tan Supply

(800) 775-7926
St. Louis, MI


New Image Logo
New Image
(818) 626-5969
Chatsworth, CA
Stay Tan North Logo
Stay Tan North

(516) 671-2826
Locust Valley, NY


Canadian Distributors

The Sun Club Logo
The Sun Club

(855) 777-7556 / (416) 888-5095


International Distributors

Aroga Logo

+7 (495) 775-2405
Russia & CIS


Solana Logo

+7 (495) 980-7193


Ergoline Plus Logo
Ergoline Plus

+44 (020) 8498-7283
United Kingdom


Middle East Fair Logo
Body Perfect International Trading

+98 912 102 9693


MegaGroup Logo

+52 (55) 5527-0218


No Logo
Sun Cosmetics CZ

V Rohu 721/4
147 00 Praha 4
Czech Republic


No Logo
Glistrupsvej 35
6800 Varde
Middle East Fair Logo
Body Perfect International Trading

Tel: +971 525 652 425
Fax: +9714234731


No Logo
Rottmann-Scheffel GmbH
Borsteler Chausse. 85-99
D – 22453 Hamburg
No Logo
SunLounge Solarium
leoforos pentelis & thasou 2, melissia
15127 Athens
No Logo
S.S. SZOLÁRIUM Stúdió 2010 Kft.
Gyöngyvirág utca 19. fszt. 2
1184 Budapest
No Logo
Sun Factory
Tulika 15/17
TU Vingisaar
10613 Tallinn
No Logo
Il Tempio Di Venere
Viale Carlo III, km 22.300,
81020 San Nicola la Strada
No Logo
UAB Fotoolimpas
Ozo street 41
071071 Vilnius
No Logo
Velvaere-Grossisten AS
Hillevågsveien 70
4016 Stavanger
No Logo
Profi Staniek Niemiec Sp.j.
Gorzowska 12
65-127 Zielona Gora
No Logo
Ergoline Bronze SRL
STR. Drumul Sabareni NR 28
060647 Bucharest
No Logo
UltraTan AB
Lagergatan 5
SE-598 40 Vimmerby
No Logo
Territory of Beauty
Harmatnaya 3
03148 Kiev
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